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The ASG Volunteers Group has been created to assist ASG members who volunteer with ASG Newsletters, Tech, Communications, Neighborhood Groups, Programs and Chapter business.  This particular group began with Yahoo in 2010 and migrated to GroupsIO in 2019.
Begun in 1978 and incorporated in 1993, the American Sewing Guild has members and chapters across the nation.  It is a 501 (C) (3) organization.  Members of this group need to be ASG members.


The purpose of this group is to promote communication between ASG Volunteers.  It is not to be used for COMMERCIAL PURPOSES OR SOLICITATION.  Each member is required to observe this policy as a courtesy.  Use for anything other than our stated purpose will result in the member's post being deleted and a warning about the abuse.  If a second warning is necessary, the member will be banned from this group.

Members of this group may join the ASG Volunteer Zoom Program Exchange subgroup. The Program Exchange subgroup is for ASG members interested in exchanging program content, presentations and speakers with other ASG Chapters to connect with like minded ASG members.

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